SCP – Transfering files with SSH

SCP – Transfering files with SSH

This is one thing that I don’t use that often but when I do I alwasy have to look for the syntax of the command on google. To avoid this stepĀ I’ve finally decided to document it in a small blog post!

If you want to copy a file from your pc to a remote machine use this command:

scp <file> <username>@<IP address or hostname>:<Destination>

This works well if you have to transfer only one file Buy Ambrodoxy , but when a folder is involved recursion has to be used:

scp -r /folder/ <username>@<IP address or hostname>:<Destination>

And finally phone Numbers lookup , to instead copy files from the remote machine to your laptop:

scp -r <username>@<IP address or hostname>:<Source> <Destination>

# for example, copying "files_to_copy" to current directory
scp -r vince@ .

This concludes the blog post about SCP. Hopefully the next time I have to use it I’ll remember the synthax or at least know where to find it!

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